Friday, September 7, 2007

Operation: Mr. Inappropriate

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I received a letter from home.


Hey… We all miss you back here. I’m having a rough time at school. Having to do everything without your help is hard. I’ve hard to heal a gash using my dad’s old herbal remedies… School isn’t going well. It seemed the moment you left everything started going to hell.

Come back soon,
Love you,
Summer Dawn

“Hey there! What are you doing?!” The door had been opened, and I wiped my tears from my cheeks, and there was Mr. Inappropriate

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I shifted forms. I took the form of Kera d’Epee, “Reading a letter from home.”

“Oh, bad news?”

“Yes- I’m afraid-“

He started laughing really loud, “That’s hilarious.” He walked around the room, “By the way I support the chopping down of rainforests.”

I looked at him, he smiled, I yelled, “How about I cut into you?”

I drew me Tomahawks, and held them poised and ready to strike, “Tomahawks! That’s cute. Look at you enforcing the stereotypes placed on you by the cowboy and indian movies. A Seneca using tomahawks… Ha!”

“I’ll scalp you.”


“How about I use these two-“

“Sure, take off the shirt and use them!” I slapped him across his face, and he smiled, “Ooo, I like it when you’re rough.”

“I’ll kill you!” I screamed.

“Oh yeah, you’re a woman, how can you kill me?”

I growled… I grabbed him and morphed him into a rabbit. He leapt towards my foot, probably to do Inappropriate things to it.

“Hey, Doofus,” I said, “You ready? I got terrible news for you… Rabbits are a certain groups favorite food…

“My little Pony Apocalypse Ponies, Raining Death From Above!”

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The next part wasn’t very pretty… If you’ve never heard a rabbit scream, you should sometime.

Deal with Mr. Inappropriate – Failed (Due to death of subject.)

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Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...

Hah, and I only knocked my partner out.

Whether or not you actually come out on tops for this challenge, it looks like we're all winnders...