Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Semi Final

Superman: And now we are down to three.

Crater: Again with the cliche's mate?

Jan: What kind of perverts are you going to send my way this time?

Superman: The ones you capture. In front of you is the Planetary Chance Machine the Legion Of Superheroes used to use to choose who would go on missions. As you can see, The solar system spins around until a planet hits flies off and hits you.

Thousand Faces : That's stupid.

Superman: I know. Back when I was a member I always thought they were messing with me . With there " You just don't understand our30th century technology ape man!"

Crater: Are you gonna be cryin' about your past all day?"

Superman: No. You see I have a written a city's name on one of the planets when you get hit by one you will defend that city for one week against crime alien invasion Etc.

Jan: Do they hurt when they hit you?

Superman: Never have hurt me, but then again I'm invulnerable.

Jan: Great.

Superman: There are a few rules, Don't kill. Don't let your city be blown up, and finally if you have a sidekick don't beat them too badly.

Now a message form our sponsor.

Kon-El: Surround sound system $500

New TV $600

Not having to listen to Bart tell me about transformers VS GI Joe Priceless.

The best things in life are free for everything else there's Hero Card.

1 comment:

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

defend a city. Thats all! come on give them a hard task like making people give a crap about Donald Trump.

Let me know what city Jan gets, cuz she might be needign a little invasion .... not that my invader is little, it normal size for a guy my height, at leas that what the medical books say .... if I was 3 feet tall ....