Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Watcher's judgement

Welcome Now I shall pass judgement.

Thousand Faces: Nice idea trying to get dirt on the host, too bad it didn't work out. Good thing you didn't open that box, Since Superboy is hiding in there. That kid is strange.

Noel: Good work you found dirt on two people

Crater: I'm not sure making up dirt is quite what we were looking for.

Jan: The conspiracy you've found has got the Question all hyper in wanting to investigate it further, that means no one will see him for weeks good job.

Anakin: We're not sure we really wanted dirt on you.

The winner of immunity for this week is Jan. The rest are up for elimination. Here is this week's viewer poll.
Who do you want to leave?
Thousand Faces
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And contestants vote by emailing The elimination will occur tomorrow night. The Watcher has spoken.


Jan the Intergalactic Aviator said...

Woo hoo, mojitos in my room, everyone.

Blockade Boy said...

Congratulations, Jan! Now that my sorry ass has been booted out of this contest I'm pulling for you.